Curarium distilled

A contingent of metaLABbers crossed the Law School campus today to present a Berkman-Center lunch talk on the Homeless Paintings project and Curarium, the crowd-curation platform we’re building to support the project. The discussion was energizing, as Berkman sessions invariably are, and we came away with ideas and plans to follow up with many of the friends, colleagues, and experts in attendance. One of the great gifts of the afternoon was a Prezi (below) created by Willow Brugh, a research affiliate at the Center for Civic Media and the Berkman Center, which distills the story of the project more vibrantly and cogently in a half-dozen or so mouse clicks than we managed to do in an hour of talk. When I think that the prezi here represents Willow’s notes, made extemporaneously while we presented our talk, I’m reminded of what Emerson said about genius: that in it “we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” Consider me alienated—in the best way!