Fairy Tales Competition

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I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a team of architectural students, headed by Lucas R.R. Muniz, at Universidade Federal do Ceara, in a Blankspaceproject.com competition that asked this question:

“Have you ever dreamed of an architecture competition that would inspire you to create something whimsical, magic and fun? A competition that would excite your fantasy to produce something that can be appreciated not just by your fellow architects and designers, but by all audiences?”

I tell the story of a people who are given a magical cube that performs their work for them while they sleep. Through generations they slowly realize that they are forfeiting their lives, literally in years, by forfeiting their potential and thus their potential futures.

Muniz and his team of architects and artists drew up the plans of the hermetically sealed time-thief structure that eventually is torn apart by the populace and turned into a public space where the people can render concrete the potential realities of their imaginations.

vista 1

The night the cube appears.

Tune into Blankspace in February to read the winning stories.