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Digital Ecologies at the Arnold Arboretum!

We’re getting the word out on unique design and research opportunities available this summer and into the coming year for our budding collaboration with the Arnold Arboretum. Conceptually situated at the intersection of nature and networks, landscape and media design, … Continue reading

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But it moves: the New Aesthetic & emergent virtual taste

In the wake of South-by-Southwest, Bruce Sterling has posted a grand, thorough, ruminative essay about the New Aesthetic. If you don’t know the New Aesthetic, you should go and have a look at the tumblr that serves as both its … Continue reading

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Of dead trees, living networks, and encyclopedic ambition

At The New Republic, David A. Bell offers a wistful threnody for the paper edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, which the eponymous publishing house announced it would cease publishing after 244 years. “With the disappearance of paper encyclopedias, a part … Continue reading

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Interactive documentary and the wild, wired world

Bear 71 isn’t your grandfather’s grizzly. She knows the name of the drug that tranquilized her, knows too about Zoloft and Viagra, knows that her radio collar broadcasts in the VHF range. She can tell you that a rubber bullet … Continue reading

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Touch, lag, and the haptic uncanny

Verisimilitude doesn’t happen only in space, but in time as well. That’s the takeaway from this Microsoft Research video about recent work in the effect of reducing the lag time of touch-interactive interfaces. The effect of lag, which becomes especially … Continue reading

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Twitter, NPR’s Morning Edition, and Dreams of Flatland

In a bit of ragged analysis of the social geography of Twitter this morning, NPR’s Morning Edition demonstrated the survival of hidebound, “a-and-then-the-ring-around-it“-era prejudices about the nature of social media and the Web. Host Steve Inskeep interviewed Shankar Vedantam, who … Continue reading

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The Cryoscope: using networking materiality to tactilize the weather

I love the possibilities suggested by the “Cryoscope,” a project cooked up by R.I.T. industrial-design student Rob Godshaw: Godshaw’s gadget picks up the temperature forecast by zip code and reproduces it within a gorgeous aluminum block; you touch it to … Continue reading

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Cooking up some dishes in the Library Test Kitchen

Bibliotheca II, alias “son of Bibliotheca” (last semester’s seminar/studio jointly run by Jeffrey Schnapp and John Palfrey), has now been launched with the help of Ann Whiteside (chief librarian at the Loeb Design Library), Jeff Goldenson (Law Library Innovation Lab), … Continue reading

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Tweet withheld: (mis)understanding censorship on the Internet

Since Twitter announced its Country Withheld Content policy last Thursday, fear and outrage have spread at tweetspeed across the blogosphere and the connected media, with Reporters Without Borders director Olivier Basille firing off an open letter to Twitter’s chairman Jack … Continue reading

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Typecasting the digital humanities

The carnival of digital-humanities metacommentary takes a curious and compelling turn in Daniel Anderson‘s Waves, a screencasting remix of blog posts using captured keystrokes and cut-and-paste, text autocomplete, and a collage of videos. The piece features (very much inter alia) … Continue reading

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