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Encountering the archive: Notes from El Saniyya

metaLAB’s DocShop and MIT OpenDocLab Fellow Lara Baladi are happy to invite you to Notes from El Saniyya on Thursday December 11th from 4-9 pm, with the main event and conversation from 6:30-8:00, at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Based on a growing archive that artist Lara Baladi has been gathering since the 2011 […]

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Constructing a Virtual Depository

As Cold Storage readies for submission this week to the South by Southwest film festival, the interactive web component of the project remains ongoing. The chapter-marked timeline of the short documentary and the blueprinted architecture of its setting, the Harvard Depository, become two cooperative scaffolds upon which to hang and hyperlink various media. The source […]

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The Internet Arcade and the textures of emulation

A couple of weeks ago, I paid a lightning-fast visit to San Francisco to attend the digital-publishing summit Books in Browsers (where I gave this talk). I was sorting through my post-talk tweets when one came in from historian of digital culture Jason Scott: @matthewbattles Remember to stop over here at the Archive to visit […]

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Sharing Beautiful Data with the World

In June, thanks to the support of a grant from the Getty Foundation, we had the remarkable opportunity to bring nearly two dozen curators, technologists, and scholars to Cambridge for two weeks of coinvention, discovery, and reflection on the possibilities of putting data and media to work in museum collections. Although conceived as an engagement […]

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Raining Bricks—A Color Grading Experiment

metaLAB has been partaking in a Summer of Color this year, which has brought a different color-related topic before the group each week for a discussion followed by a short period of collaborative making and tinkering. In looking at color’s relationship to the digital world, we examined the history and progression of black and white […]

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To New Heights — Quadcopter Testing

Yesterday we continued testing our aerial video setup, which consists of a Go Pro Hero 3+ mounted on an Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal attached to a Phantom 2 Drone Quadcopter.  After our conservative first flight, which did not exceed 40 feet or so off the ground, we delved into learning more about our rig’s abilities. In the […]

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Phantom Drone First Test Flight

In preparation for getting some aerial footage to complete our Cold Storage documentary, we took our new Phantom 2 drone out for a spin, sporting a GoPro Hero3+. Our test flight consisted of several increasing altitude pushes, hovering to test the unit’s auto-stabilization, and steering around several basic obstacles. To film with consistent speed and […]

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What is Curarium?

Curarium — what is it? Even if you pegged it as an aquarium for curating, what exactly does that mean? To point out some of the features and functions that Curarium enables with various types of collections, we put together this animation. We are steadily marching towards our beta launch. In the meantime, follow the […]

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Curarium Embeddable Record

Similar to visualizations, individual records stored on Curarium can also be embedded within other media like WordPress. This gives access to the curarium interface for the record, plus any annotations associated with it. The code that generates this particular embedding is: <script src=””></script> <div class=’curarium’ style=’width:800px;height:600px;’></div> Stay tuned at!

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Big in Japan

Thumbnail visualization of a subset of the Harvard Art Museums collection, Japanese objects from the 17th Century

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