Our publications involve developing and experimenting with new models of scholarly and cultural communication. Its publishing projects involve partnerships with university presses, museums, libraries, and archives, and explore the boundaries of both print plus and post-print publishing. Print plus refers to innovative intertwinings between digital and printed artifacts; post-print to purely digital/multimedia models of dissemination.


Areas of Inquiry

Alternate Futures for the Scholarly Book

The metaLABprojects series

Multichannel Publishing

Ludic variations on the metaLABprojects series books.

Iterative and Instant Publishing

Print as process, not as product.

Digital Publishing

Natively digital publishing experiments.

Sensate Journal
Blueprint for Counter Education
Website for the expanded reprint edition of a defining work of experimental pedagogy.
Beautiful Data
The Life and Death of Data
Cold Storage
Beautiful Data II
metaLABprojects series