Publishing metaLAB is committed to experimenting with new models of scholarly and cultural communication. Its publishing projects involve partnerships with university presses, museums, libraries, and archives, and explore the boundaries of both print plus and post-print publishing. Print plus refers to innovative intertwinings between digital and printed artifacts; post-print to purely digital/multimedia models of dissemination.

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There are four main areas of publishing that we are currently exploring:

  • ◉ alternate futures for the scholarly book (the metaLABprojects series)
  • ◉ multichannel publishing (ludic variations on the metaLABprojects series books)
  • ◉ iterative and instant publishing (print as process, not as product)
  • ◉ digital publishing (natively digital publishing experiments)

Launching in the spring of 2014 is the metaLABprojects series with our partner Harvard University Press. The series provides a platform for emerging currents of experimental scholarship, documenting key moments in the history of networked culture, and promoting critical thinking about the future of institutions of learning. The volumes’ eclectic, improvisatory, idea-driven style advances the proposition that design is not merely ornamental, but a means of inquiry in its own right. Accessibly priced and provocatively designed, the series invites readers to take part in reimagining print-based scholarship for the digital age. The first three books in the series are:

  • Matthew Battles, Jeffrey T. Schnapp, The Library Beyond the Book
  • Johanna Drucker, Graphesis – Visual Forms of Knowledge Production
  • Todd Presner, David Shepherd, Yoh Kawano, HyperCities – Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities

Three early page layouts from The Library Beyond the Book follow:


Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

Here are some of the playing cards:


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