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The Cave

During the summer of 2014, the Getty Trust launched an important new initiative in digital art history designed to help art historians and museum professionals to explore the opportunities and challenges of new and emergent technologies. Along with George Mason … Continue reading

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Data Artifacts

The term “artifact” has at least two meanings: From a technical perspective, an artifact is an unintentional pattern in data, arising from processes of collection and management. From a cultural perspective, an artifact is a designed object, with a social … Continue reading

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Paper Machines

I have had the good fortune to work at metaLAB this summer on an open-source tool for text analysis and visualization in the digital humanities. This effort, funded through the Google Summer of Code, is taking place under the tutelage … Continue reading

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Typecasting the digital humanities

The carnival of digital-humanities metacommentary takes a curious and compelling turn in Daniel Anderson‘s Waves, a screencasting remix of blog posts using captured keystrokes and cut-and-paste, text autocomplete, and a collage of videos. The piece features (very much inter alia) … Continue reading

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DH baby steps and generative verse

In the midst of making my own initial forays into Python, I was fiddling around last night with a simple exercise: to make a script that grabs lines containing a given word from a source text and spits them into … Continue reading

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