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Library Observatory: an open, community facility for exploring library collections and services

In connection with our emerging Data Artifacts initiative to understand the impacts of data in networked experience, we’re eager to explore some of the most culturally-determined troves of information our society produces: the bibliographic datasets that comprise library online public catalogues. We realize, of course, that one of the richest troves of such information lives […]

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Data Artifacts

The term “artifact” has at least two meanings: From a technical perspective, an artifact is an unintentional pattern in data, arising from processes of collection and management. From a cultural perspective, an artifact is a designed object, with a social and material history. At metaLAB, which is grounded in both technical and cultural methods, we […]

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Biblio: your friend in the library of the (near) future

Meet Biblio, your library friend. The design-fiction clip above was made by Ben Brady, student (and teaching assistant) the Library Test Kitchen, a course about building the library of the near future taught by metaLAB’s Jeffrey Schnapp and Jeff Goldenson of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. Inspired by simple, charismatic digital pets like Tamagotchi, Ben […]

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