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Networks & Natures

As the newest principal of metaLAB, I bring my own set of preoccupations to the group. My splintered interests in ethnography, computing, and architecture often converge in questions about changing human-machine-environment relationships. For instance, in my recent book, Co-Designers: Cultures of Computer Simulation in Architecture, I ask how professional roles and relationships in design are […]

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Wikipedia and the sum of human knowledge

We’re only a couple of hours into Wikimania 2012, the global gathering of Wikipedians, and fascinating questions are already swirling around the online encyclopedia’s mission “to make the sum of human knowledge accessible to everyone on Earth.” It’s a bracing call—and yet as the community struggles with questions of diversity and global reach, seeking purchase […]

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Of dead trees, living networks, and encyclopedic ambition

At The New Republic, David A. Bell offers a wistful threnody for the paper edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, which the eponymous publishing house announced it would cease publishing after 244 years. “With the disappearance of paper encyclopedias, a part of the Western intellectual tradition is disappearing as well,” argues Bell, the Sidney and Ruth […]

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